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The Garfield Park Arts Center (GPAC) engages visitors in diverse, artistic and cultural exhibitions, arts classes and special events.

GPAC makes its home in an old shelter house built in 1922, in the style of a Georgian House, filling a major element of George Edward Kessler’s master plan for the Indianapolis Boulevard and Park System. The Community House was designed to look like a picnic shelter with enclosed walls, high ceilings and fireplaces at each end. In 1930, a large swimming pool was built in front of the shelter house and the Community House was used as a locker room and recreation center.

In 2006, the Community House was remodeled and enlarged using a large grant to become the 8,000 square foot facility known today as Garfield Park Arts Center (GPAC). 100+ years after its original conception, the centerpiece of what is arguably Indianapolis’ oldest park features visual arts galleries, performing arts spaces, classrooms, a pottery studio and an arts library. It offers a full range of introductory art classes for both children and adults. Visitors can also discover dance, music, theatre and visual art exhibits showcasing local and regional talent. 

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Voice & Piano Lessons with Kathy Kilgo

Kathy Kilgo has always had a passion for music and voice. She teaches voice and piano in her studio located in the Garfield Park Arts Center. Kathy has 20 years of experience teaching music lessons.
Contact Kathy at 317.397.0136 or www.musichinge.com for registration information.

Garfield Shakespeare Company

The Garfield Shakespeare Company is a volunteer community theater company located at Garfield Park. They perform two main stage productions per year: an indoor Spring production at the Garfield Park Arts Center, and an outdoor production in the MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts. 
GSC strives to serve the community by providing opportunities for anyone interested in stepping into the world of classical theater, regardless of their level of experience, and by providing quality theater to the community free of charge.


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