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Mayor Hogsett, Indy Parks Highlight Ongoing Public WIFI Initiative 

Indy Parks has installed public WIFI at 19 park facilities with 10 more planned 

INDIANAPOLIS – As part of the ongoing historic investments in parks and public spaces, Indy Parks in collaboration with the Information Services Agency is bringing high-speed public WIFI to park facilities across the city. WIFI installations have been completed at 19 Indy Parks facilities to date with 10 more facilities scheduled for completion by the end of summer. The initiative is funded with $500,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). 

Offering public WIFI allows these facilities to expand program offerings, provide students with spaces that better support learning, and facilitate more community meetings and events. The project is also improving staff WIFI connectivity allowing them to better serve residents. 98% of Indy Parks facilities will have public WIFI at the completion of this project.  

“By equipping the vast majority of Indy Parks locations with public WIFI, students from every Indianapolis household can now have free access to a critical tool for their education,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “And residents of every age will be able to enjoy enhanced public services as a result of this massive technology upgrade.”  

“Our Indy Parks serve as vital public spaces for our community, which is why continued investments and improvements are essential,” said City-County Council Parks Committee Chairman Jared Evans. “The initiative to have WIFI in parks will improve residents’ access to digital resources and enhance their overall park experience by catering to their needs for connectivity and information.”  

WIFI installations have been completed at the following park locations: 

Broad Ripple Family Center Stanley Strader Family Center Municipal Gardens Riverside Family Center 
Brookside Family Center Ellenberger Family Center Perry Pool/Ice Rink World Sports Park 
Eagle Creek: Earth Discovery Center Garfield Family Center Pride Family Center Watkins Park Family Center 
Eagle Creek Ornithology Center Krannert Family Center Rhodius Family Center Washington Park Family Center 
Chuck Klein Softball Complex Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park Christian Park  

“Our Parks and Park facilities provide residents with a wide ranging and diverse third space outside of home and work or school,” said Indy Parks Director Phyllis Boyd. “By improving internet speeds for our staff and providing free public WIFI, we can better serve residents and provide them more opportunities in those public spaces.”  

The following locations are scheduled to have WIFI installed by the end of the summer: 

Bel Aire Park  Eagle Creek Park Crest Eagle Creek Park Hideaway Glenn’s Valley Park 
Juan Solomon Park Indianapolis World Sports Park Washington Park Windsor Village Park 
Frederick Douglass Park Thatcher Park   

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